Keylogger Detector 1.34

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Description :
Keylogger Detektor merupakan program security untuk membasmi program-program mata-mata yang ada di komputer anda.Keylogger Detektor akan menemukan dan menghapus program mata-mata yang ada di sistem komputer anda. Program anti-spyware akan mendeteksi spyware, termasuk program pencuri password, program logging pada saat kita chatting dan membuka email, keystroke logger,program capture screen logging, dan berbagai program lain yang menlog aktivitas internet anda.Keylogger Detector juga berisi fitur untuk menunjukkan dengan tepat apa yang ditemukannya, dan memberikan anda pilihan untuk menghapusnya ataupun tidak .
Top 7 reasons to own Keylogger Detector:
* You have confidential information on your computer (bank account information, credit card information, employee records, etc.
* You SUSPECT your spouse is spying on your online activity.
* You like to cyberchat with the opposite sex, and don't want your spouse getting suspicious.
* You don't want others obtaining your email and internet passwords.
* You use personal email accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo email and don't want your employer snooping on these emails.
* You don't want others seeing what pictures you look online.
* You want to protect you and your family from identity thieves, credit card thieves, online stalkers and pedophiles.
Did You Know:
* More than 100,000,000 computers are monitored.
* Spy software programs allow anyone, even a novice, to secretly record ALL of your online activities and all typed texts.
* Spy software can be installed on your PC remotely, without physical access to your PC.
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